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Gluten Free Resource Directory


Compiled by the Celiac Support Association, this online listing of gluten-free products is organized by category. You can view gluten free baby foods, baked goods, beauty products, beer/wine/spirits, breads, cereals, deli meats, marinades, candy, coffee, and more on this helpful page of their website. Of course, we also have our own "Best Of" listing of our personal favorite brands of gluten free staples on this page of GlutenFreeTravelSite.

Triumph Dining Grocery Guide


Now in its 6th edition, the Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide lists over 52,000 brand-name and store brand gluten-free products at grocery stores across the United States. The color-coded system makes meal-planning and finding your favorite foods a snap. It will save you time and money.

Whole Foods Market


It pays to visit Whole Foods' website when planning a trip. Their store locator will let you know if they have a store where you'll be traveling. They have one of the best selections of gluten-free food (especially their own delicious Gluten Free Bakehouse line), and when you arrive at one of their stores, you can also pick up one of their free in-store guides with a category-by-category listing of their gluten-free foods. You'll find tons of helpful resources on this page of their site, too.

Trader Joe's


Trader Joe’s stores, found all over the country, have a huge selection of gluten-free foods…many of which are their own products and can’t be purchased elsewhere. Their prices can’t be beat. And they publish their extensive – though not fully exhaustive – list of gluten-free products on their website. Trader Joe’s products are also free of artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservative, trans fats, MSG, and genetically modified ingredients

Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free Eating – and Other Fantastic Cookbooks

Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free Eating – and Other Fantastic Cookbooks

By Jules E.D. Shepard, this fabulous cookbook has gained critical acclaim. And there are now literally hundreds of gluten-free cookbooks -- including those by Carol Fenster -- that help you easily navigate gluten-free food prep without giving up taste or convenience.

There are also helpful guidebooks, like the handy primer Living Gluten Free for Dummies by Danna Korn, which is a great place to start if you've just been diagnosed. Find all these and the most complete selection of other gluten-free books and cookbooks at everyday discount prices at Many orders qualify for FREE Super-Saver shipping so the convenience of ordering online costs you nothing.