Gluten Free Getaways: Travel Gluten-Free to Peru, including Machu Picchu


Choose any date of travel (this is an individual itinerary, not a group trip)


Gluten Free Travel-Us has teamed up with Condor Tours and Travel's local experts to offer a tour of Peru, including the ancient Incan citadel Machu Picchu, with hotels and restaurants vetted for their ability to offer safe gluten free meals. As always, Ellen tends to the details so you can relax and enjoy this incredible journey to one of the world's most popular destinations -- without having to worry about what you'll be able to eat! You will be well cared for in the hotels and restaurants that she recommends as part of the itinerary. The trip can be taken at any time and with whomever you choose (in other words, it is not a group tour). It can also be tailored to your budget, desired length of stay, and interests.


Day 1: Arrival in Lima

Upon arrival in Lima, walk on your own to your hotel inside Lima's airport. You will spend the night here at the Costa Del Sol Hotel Wyndham/Lima Airport, with meals included.

Day 2: Journey to Cuzco and the Sacred Valley

After a buffet breakfast, you'll walk from your airport hotel to the airport terminal to board a flight to Cuzco. Upon arrival in Cuzco, you'll be taken by private transfer to your hotel. En route, you'll tour Chinchero, a small picturesque Andean village. You'll visit the home of a textile artisan, where you will see some of his original work and learn about his techniques, as well as his creative process. Then visit significant Inca ruins dating from the end of the 15th century, as well as a beatuiful traditional church. Afterwards, on the road to Ollantaytambo, you will stop at the Racchi viewpoint for one of the best views of the Sacred Valley. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. Then it is on to Ollantaytambo, one of the most representative building complexes of the Inca Empire and site of one of the Spanish Conquistadors' rare strategic defeats. Famous for its terraced fields, Ollantaytambo was a very effective fortress and also a religious center. Finally, you will stop at the village of Ollantaytambo, known as "the only living Inca town." It is the best surviving example of Inca urban planning, with stone-paved streets that have been inhabited since the 12th century. You'll stay overnight at a hotel in the Sacred Valley. Meals include breakfast and lunch.


Day 3: Cuzco, Moray, and Maras

On this day, you will visit the huge circular and semicircular agricultural terraces near Moray, located northwest of Cuzco. Built inside natural holes on a limestone plateau facing Urubamba Valley, they were used as a botanical lab by the Incas. A cosmopolitan meaning has been suggested, but its function, besides an agricultural one, remains a mystery. Nearby, under the colonial town of Maras, you'll visit the salt mines on old terraces and lagoons. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. You'll stay overnight in the Sacred Valley again, with breakfast and lunch included.


Day 4: Cuzco and Machu Picchu

In the morning, you'll depart for the train station, to take a ride to the city of Aguas Calientes. You'll disembark and then board a bus that drives you to one of the high points of world tourism: Machu Picchu! You'll be met by a guide who will lead you on an experience of this archaeological site that you will never forget. You'll discover this New 7 Wondes of the World and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. After your tour, you will descend to Aguas Calientes for lunch at a local restaurant and, later on, to your hotel in Aguas Calientes. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.


Day 5: Machu Picchu

On this day, you will enjoy another visit to Machu Picchu with a round trip bus ride. It does not include a guide or lunch...on this day, you get to explore the site on your own. You return in the afternoon to Cuzco by train and take a private transfer to your hotel. Breakfast is included.

Day 6: Touring Cuzco

Now you'll have the opportunity to tour the city of Cuzco, also known as the Imperial City, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your excursion will start at the Koricancha Temple, an ancient Inca palace and center of worship of the sun god. It was on this site that the Dominicans ordered a church to be built, which survives to this day. Then you'll head to the Main Square, where you'll visit the cathedral, the most important religious building in the city. The climb continues to Sacsayhuaman fortress, an impressive example of Inca military architecture. You'll continue to Kenko, where the sun, moon, and stars were worshipped and then on to Puca-Pucara, which may have been a "tambo," or rest and lodging place, for the Incans. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to visit the Inca's Expression art workshop, the perfect place to see Andean art. You will be able to see artists working in silver, paint, and wood. You'll stay overnight in Cuzco, and breakfast is included.


Day 7: Touring Lima

At the scheduled time, you'll take a private transfer to the airport and board a flight to Lima. Upon arrival in Lima, you'll embark on a city tour to include both the modern and colonial parts of this "City of Kings." You'll start in the districts of Miraflores and San Isidro. The road passes a Huaca, or sacred pre-Inca site. There will then be a stop at the Parque del Amor (Lovers Park) in Miraflores to enjoy its magnificent view over the Pacific Ocean. The tour also includes the Historic Centre situated around the Main Square, where the Presidential Palace, the Archbishop's Palace, the Municipality of Lima, and the Cathedral are located. You'll also get to visit one of the largest colonial-era convents. Finally, you'll go to the impressive Circuito Magico del Agua, the world's largest complex of fountains and holder of a Guinness world record. The waters of the main attraction, known as the "Magic Fountain," reach a height of 80 meters. You'll see the "Tunnel of Surprises," 35 meters long and open to the public, the irresistible "Children's Fountain," or the "Maze of Dreams" fountain made from walls of water producing different effects. At the end of the day, you'll relax and enjoy dinner and a show at a local restaurant. A private transfer will take you to the airport. Breakfast and dinner are included on this day.

Please contact Ellen Morse of Gluten Free Travel-Us directly at 312-337-9235 or email her at for pricing and for answers to any of your questions.