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June/July 2017

Gluten Free Modern Bistro & Artisanal Bakery in Miami

5.0 Palms
White Star Cafe
Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 8755 Southwest 72nd Street, Miami, FL 33173
Phone: 305-274-5015

Review Posted: May 5, 2017
Summary Cafe in Miami maintains gluten free and nut-free premises with focus on quality and flavor of foods

White Star Cafe in Miami, Florida is one of those unqiue businesses that gluten free free diners -- and diners with various food allergies -- feel blessed to find. The bistro was started by a mom whose son has multiple food allergies, so she and her family take the task of keeping people food-safe seriously. They are a completely gluten free and nut-free (peanuts and tree nuts) establishement, and therefore, there is no chance of cross contamination. Their ingredients are 100% non-GMO and mostly organic. No fish or shellfish are served at the bistro, and there are casein-free and egg-free options available. In addition, they don't use any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in their food. The focus here is on clean eating.


So what DO they serve? Meals full of flavor and aromas! They have a breakfast menu with organic coffee and offerings like French crepes, Spanish style French toast, frittatas, and more. They have a huge lunch menu, which can also be ordered from for an early dinner (the kitchen closes at 6 pm). Items on that menu include entrees like beef bourguignon, slow-roasted chicken, beef filet, and crispy duck...along with starters, pizzas, green salads, noodle salad, hot and cold sandwiches, many types of rice dishes, and interesting side dishes. Items from their bakery include bread, tarts, cookies, muffins, and cupcakes. There's even gelato, made the traditional way, but with most flavors omitting the milk, cream, and eggs.


No matter what your mood, White Star Cafe has a dining style to suit you. You can opt for quick service, elegant table service, or even order via their app for pick-up at their drive-through window!

Here's what one recent reviewer said about White Star Cafe: (I) spent a few days in Miami and ended up going to this place twice. Gluten free kitchen and an amazing menu, plus the pastries and bread are legit, AND the service is really top-notch. They had a couple of things I had not had since being diagnosed over 12 years ago because they just don't lend themselves to gluten free flours. Both the croquettes and Puerto Rican mantecaditos/polvorones were amazing. If you are in Miami, this one is definitely worth the drive.

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