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October 2016

Safe and Delicious Place for Italian Food in Rochester, New York

5.0 Palms
Nick's Pizza, Subs, and Pasta
Review Type: Restaurant
Location: 1098 Chili Center Coldwater Road, Rochester, NY 14624
Phone: 585-247-6270



Date Visited: September 2016
Review Posted: September 23, 2016
Summary Perfect gluten free spot in Rochester, New York

This month, we showcase a review submitted by Carla Buscaglia, a Celiac and founder of Global Nutrition in Rochester, New York (more on her below…)

Nick's Pizza, Subs, and Pasta is a 10! This wonderful deli has a Gluten Free Menu and gluten free certification. Their gluten free specialties are made at a dedicated gluten free facility off site. On the Gluten Free Menu, you'll find choices like subs, pizza, pasta, lasagna, chicken parmesan, meatballs, gluten free dinner rolls, and even Italian wedding soup! The owner also makes a gluten free Italian bread and gluten free cookies. In fact, there is a wide range of gluten free dessert choices: cream puffs, almond cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, brownies, and cupcakes.

The food is absolutely incredible, too! Some of my favorites that I recommend are the chicken parmesan and meatballs. You can opt to get them fresh or even frozen so you can take them home to store for another night. Then all you need to do is microwave them, and you have a delicious homemade Italian dinner — gluten free! Their gluten free pizza is also incredible, and their sauce is homemade. This deli/restaurant is one of the safest places to eat in Rochester, NY. People drive in from all over the state, and it's easy to see why. From tasting good, to having a clean facility, and being a certified gluten free facility, Nick's is top-notch. Thank you Nick's!


Carla Buscaglia founded Global Nutrition in the year 2000 to provide expert nutritional therapy and optimum wellness in Rochester, New York. Carla is Celiac herself and has over 15 years of personal experience as a master herbalist, iridologist, certified nutritionist, and national health researcher. She is unique from many other holistic providers, as she listens carefully to her clients’ personal history and environmental and emotional factor to provide important background. She seeks to understand the whole person and utilizes a broad range of treatment options.

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