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December 2017/January 2018

Gluten Free Gelato Chain in U.S. and Abroad

5.0 Palms
Review Type: Gelato shop
Location: Various locations in the U.S. and overseas
Phone: Various numbers -- see website for specific locations

Review Posted: Multiple reviews posted over the past year
Summary This Italian gelato chain offers high-quality gluten free artisan gelato

GROM is an Italian chain of gelato shops with locations in 31 towns in Italy, 7 locations in the United States, and additional locations in France, Dubai, and various countries in Asia. So it's very possible you will have an opportunity to seek out a GROM gelato shop in your future travels! We visited several on a recent trip to Italy...and then subsequently sought out the one in the new Oculus shopping mall at the World Trade Center building (next to the 9-11 Memorial). The Oculus itself is worth a visit...a huge high-end shopping center built to let light into the subterranean space. It is quite beautiful and from the outside is meant to look like a bird or dove being released. GROM is on the lower level corridor heading away from the center of the mall. All flavors of gelato and sorbet at GROM are gluten free and safe for Celiacs. Just check on the cones...they may not all be gluten free at their U.S. locations, but they are in Italy! Worst case scenario, you can get your gelato in a cup like we typically do, because that allows you to fit more in! They give you up to 3 flavors, even if you order a small size. You will also find that they sell small packages of biscotti which is gluten free.


Do not be turned off by the fact that GROM is a chain. Chain or not, they had the best gelato we had in all of Italy (and there's plenty of good -- and gluten free -- gelato to be found in Italy!). It is definitely the best we've found in the U.S. as well! Grom's gelato is very creamy and delicious and made in small batches. They also have very high quality standards, using all natural ingredients. Some gelato shops you may have seen have heaping containers of brightly colored gelato, but those aren't the best places. Clearly, they use artificial ingredients. It's always good to look for shops with artisan gelato, fewer flavors, natural colors, and covers for the gelato bins (since the best gelato shops don't use preservatives). And it's so nice that it's all so gluten-free friendly!

GROM-gluten-free-gelato in Italy, United State, and Asia

You can find more information on their site as well. They even have a chart showing the presence of other "allergens." At the current time, all flavors are gluten free. It is not cheap, but if you like quality gelato, this is your place! Definitely try the hazelnut and stracciatella (like chocolate chip but with shavings of chocolate, not chips). This place is a must-visit when visiting NY, California, Italy, France, or any of the other countries where they have shops. Check out their many locations on their website.

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