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"Best Of" Gluten-Free Products List

There are countless gluten-free brands and products now available at stores nationwide. While the quality, texture, and taste of GF products has come a long way in recent years, there are still some products that are better than others. Here's a list of a sampling of some of our favorites:

Baking Mixes
Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix (and other baking mixes)
Glutino brand mixes
King Arthur mixes
Betty Crocker gluten free mixes (cake, brownies, cookies)
Cup4Cup gluten free mixes (vanilla cake, brownie, pancake/waffle, and pizza mixes)

Gluten Free Flours
Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour
King Arthur All Purpose Flour blend
Pamela's Artisan Flour Blend
Carol's All Purpose Flour
Jules Gluten Free Flour blend
Cup4Cup (Original and new Wholesome flour blends)
Tom Sawyer gluten free flour

Breakfast Foods
Nature's Path Waffles
Bakery on Main granola and oatmeal
KIND granola
Against the Grain bagels
Udi's bagels, muffins, cinnamon rolls, and granola
Kinnikinnick donuts (cinnamon sugar ones are best served slightly warmed)
Trader Joe's gluten free frozen pancakes
Jones Dairy Farm sausages
Jessica's granola
EnviroKidz cereals and cereal bars (these are kids-type cereals)

Pizza, Bread, Rolls
Against the Grain pizzas, rolls, and baguettes
Gluten Free Bakehouse products (this is Whole Foods' line of products made in a dedicated gluten-free facility)
Glutino "Genius" white sandwich bread
Udi's sandwich bread (get their larger loaves at Costco) and pizzas (great when grilled)
Canyon Bakehouse hamburger and hot dog rolls
Sabatasso's gluten free thin and crispy pizza (available at Costco)

Quick Meals
Amy's (great GF mac-n-cheese, but be careful because they  have a line of "regular" products, too)
Annie's Mac-N-Cheese (in a box like Kraft)
Bell and Evans gluten-free line of breaded chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, and chicken fillets
Starfish gluten free breaded fish filets (Halibut, Haddock, Cod)
Applegate gluten free chicken nuggets and gluten free chicken tenders
Udi's frozen meals and burritos
Glutenfreeda burritos
Caesar's gluten free lasagna
Boar's Head deli meats
Dietz and Watson deli meats
Go Picnic snacks/meals (like Lunchables; shelf-stable; only some varieties are GF; great for travel)
Handy brand crab cakes
Amy's gluten free soups
Gluten Free Bistro frozen meals

RP's Pasta
Le Veneziane pasta
Jovial pasta (GF variety)
Barilla (GF variety)
Ronzoni (GF variety)
Tinkyada lasagna noodles (indistinguishable from regular lasagna noodles when baked in lasagna.

Snack Bars
LUNA protein bars
KIND snack bars
NuGo snack bars
NoGii snack bars
Think Thin snack bars
Pamela's Whenever Bars

Kozyshack chocolate pudding
Glutino chocolate vanilla creme cookies (like Oreos)
Amy's gluten free cookies (many varieties)
Pamela's gluten free cookies (many varieties)
Schar Sch'nacks
Aleia's gluten free cookies (many varieties)
Tate's chocolate chip cookies (GF line)
Julie's Organics gluten free ice cream sandwiches
Trader Joe's gluten free chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and mini GF cupcakes
Goldbaums gluten free ice cream cones (love the cocoa sugar cones!)
Glutino chocolate covered pretzels

Useful products to have on hand
Gillian's gluten free breadcrumbs
Ian's gluten free Panko breadcrumbs
Better Batter Seasoned Flour (great for fried/sauteed chicken and onion rings!)
San-J gluten free soy/tamari sauces (and many gluten free Asian stir-fry sauces, too)
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce (original flavor)
Garden of Eatin' and Bearitos taco shells (both brands are also made with non-GMO corn)
Pamela's Honey Grahams graham crackers
Jo-Sef square cookies/graham crackers (multiple varieties: chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla)
Glutino bagel chips