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Welcome to The Website for Finding Safe Places to Dine Gluten-Free Anywhere in the World...

At GlutenFreeTravelSite, our mission is simple: To give you a vacation from worry. We want you to realize that, just because you or a loved one has Celiac Disease or another reason for following a gluten-free diet, you don't have to give up dining out and traveling. You don't have to give up delicious foods. And you don't have to make yourself crazy doing all your own research and legwork before eating out or taking a trip!

Thanks to our Database of User-Submitted Dining and Travel Reviews, Planning a Trip or Meal Out Has Never Been Easier!

Maybe you're looking for an exciting new restaurant where you can enjoy great food while safely following your gluten-free diet. Or perhaps you're planning a trip and wondering what hotels or resorts will understand your special needs. Maybe you're visiting friends or family and trying to figure out if there's a grocery store nearby where you'll be able to buy some of your favorite gluten-free foods.

  • We are focused exclusively on helping people to find the best places for gluten-free dining and travel.
    As a review-based site, we provide Celiacs with a way to share specifics of their own gluten-free dining experiences --and to get advice from other people on gluten-free diets. What we don't do is cover an exhaustive list of other topics relevant to the Celiac community -- there are so many other great websites that already do this (and we feature many on our resource page and throughout our site).

  • We are a well-organized place to go for the gluten-free dining and travel reviews you're looking for.
    There's no time wasted reading blogs or postings on Celiac message boards, hoping to find the information that's relevant to you. The reviews and feedback you want are well-organized and available with a few simple clicks so you can narrow in on the reviews from a specific geographic area.

  • We give you personal, unedited* reviews from other people on gluten-free diets -- in their own words.
    Rather than simply providing you with a directory-style list of restaurants, stores, hotels, and resorts, we post the detailed accounts other people have written about places they've actually stayed and dined. They'll give you the names of chefs that helped them, favorite gluten-free meals, suggestions about foods you may want to bring from home, and other invaluable tips and advice you can only get from reading first-hand accounts.

*Reviews may be edited to remove offensive, incoherent, out-of-date or irrelevant material.

Whatever your needs, our handy search tool enables you to quickly and easily Search Reviews of restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, resorts, and cruise ships that accommodate gluten-free diets in any area of the world. These are reviews posted by other people on gluten free diets who have your same needs and concerns.

The expanding network of other people on gluten-free diets who love to dine out and travel can help guide you to the most accommodating places to stay, dine, and shop. Reviews are organized geographically so that you can quickly narrow your search and avoid reading irrelevant reviews.

Just Imagine...You'll Finally be Able to Take a Vacation from Worry.

With such great guidance from the peer reviews on our site, you'll never again feel limited or deprived when eating out.

Whether you're trying out a new restaurant in town, attending an out-of-town wedding, going on a family beach vacation, or traveling across the world on business, you'll have access to detailed accounts of others' experiences, complete with tips on how to make your meals as safe and enjoyable as possible...

And you'll have a place to share your own gluten-free dining experiences with others. It's a great way to help others living in and traveling to your area AND a nice way to say "thanks" to those establishments that make the effort to serve gluten-free meals. Let's make sure these wonderful restaurants, stores, and hotels/resorts stay in business by giving them a little free publicity on GlutenFreeTravelSite!

Don't Miss Our Gluten Free Restaurant Menus Page

You'll find that most of the reviews on our site are of independent, one-location restaurants you don't typically learn about on other sites. But we all know how the list of national and regional restaurant chains offering gluten-free menus is growing each day. So we list some of the best ones on our Gluten Free Restaurant Menus page, along with direct links to their gluten-free menus and locations.