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Porto Canoas, Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls National Park
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Rodovia Br-469 Km 469 30, Foz do Iguacu, State of Parana 85853-830
, Brazil
Dedicated GF: No
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Gluten free options available for dining here,

Reviewer: from , VA - See all reviews by Celiac_Travel

5.0 Palms
5.0 Palms
Gluten-Free very well done! Head chef Geraldo Alves de Souza, dressed in his whites and high head chef hat, personally and proudly walked me through each dish of all the food at the restaurant at these falls. Delightfully, most, but not every dish, is Gluten-Free, safely prepared, and delicious. This was an unexpected delight to enjoy in a public national park.

Both sides of Iguassu Falls form a UNESCO World Heritage Site and together are one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. People come here from everywhere in the world. Eating at both sides of the falls were very different experiences. Brazil's side is fabulous, and Argentina's side is most modest by contrast. Here, on Brazil's side, they have great variety and all is well-displayed. Tasty and safe for anybody, but especially a Celiac. I loved it. I see the site online and that's where I found Gerald's last name. He was wonderfully helpful, gracious and pleasant as was the entire staff. Kudos to all of them. If the view wasn't spectacular enough, having a delicious, fresh Gluten-Free meal made the afternoon.

It was on the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls that I had a most unusual, if not entertaining, animal unintentional encounter. Coati (pronounced in English like qwatch-EE) are roaming scavengers similar to raccoons except they have elongated, highly flexible snouts, decent claws, and are thinner than their raccoon cousins. Signs everywhere post that you not feed any animals. Of course, we intended to comply. Our group posed for a professional picture. Obligingly, I took a stand alongside my husband. My purse is a bit larger to accommodate a day's Gluten-Free food as backup, just in case I need it so I slipped the bag behind my back for the photo. It suddenly felt heavier. I held it tighter, quickly turning to see why. In one brief flash, a coati had slipped open my bag's zipper and helped himself to my only clear-bagged fresh slice of Gluten-Free bread. Talk about discriminating taste. In a nanosecond, this short, 4-legged, clever and quick thief went over the very, very steep cliff and out of sight. This was not his first foray into thievery, obviously. The bonus: we may have witnessed the first coati Gluten-Free feeding in the wild.

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No place to purchase gluten free food,

Reviewer: from , VA - See all reviews by Celiac_Travel

0.5 Palms
0.5 Palms
Iguassu Falls National Park in Argentina is surrounded by subtropical jungle. In Argentina the park offered very little, if any, Gluten-Free food. The contrast between the Brazilian side lunch room and the Argentinian side eating space reminded my of Cinderella. I advise a Gluten-Free visitor to bring their own lunch or they might not find anything to eat. I did not spend our very short eating time looking to purchase Gluten-Free, as it was quickly apparent not much was Gluten-Free and safe. Servers did not understand Gluten-Free at all. Had I not brought my own food, I would have gone food hungry. The views are indescribable and abundant, conversely.

A cautionary note to visitors - the huge, lovely figs you see at the outdoor eating area are poisonous. Don't touch.

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