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Ithaca College
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953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850
Dedicated GF: No
Phone: 607-274-3011
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Not a safe place to be if you're gluten free!,

Reviewer: from Scarsdale, NY - See all reviews by Maddiekinmonster

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1.0 Palms
As a student of Ithaca College, who has discovered her Celiac Disease after her first semester, I am disappointed with a recent review of the school's gluten free offerings. Ithaca College, despite having some options, should not be on any prospective student's list if the ability to eat in the dining hall is one of the top priorities. At Ithaca College, having a food allergy is a burden, and the school does nothing to help. There are many inaccuracies with the review I read. First, and most importantly, there is only one dining hall with a pre-prepared gluten free meal twice a day, daily (and as a picky eater, having only one meal option is not good especially if you don't like fish because Wednesdays are Fish Days). The meals are bland and boring as it is a A8 free dish. Considering I have made food for myself this entire semester, adding some spices would not be difficult but it does not seem as though the school makes the effort. What is most infuriating about the review I read is that at this dining hall there is no dedicated gluten free kitchen and cooking supplies are often transported back and forth between gluten areas and the gluten free section. The only dedicated and separate kitchen area belongs to the Kosher kitchen. Additionally, and most importantly, after eating a meal there after some personal issues when I could not prepare my own food, I got violently sick three times. The one dining hall with a "gluten free kitchen" does not offer any pre-prepared meals unless you order two days prior, before 3pm, to the day you are eating the meal. (This meal can be sent to any dining hall, but honestly, who really knows where their friends are going to eat at any given night if you have a healthy social life and eat with more then one group of friends). If you do not order a pre-prepared food at this dining hall, you must cook your own food with an isolated microwave with high-calorie frozen options. The final dining hall rarely offers gluten free options, only occasionally serving bread and bagels with a dedicated gluten free microwave. If you like cream cheese with your gluten free bagel, you are out of luck. Students do not understand the impact of cross contamination and often double dip and because of the ill informed staff (aside from managerial positions) everyone looks at you like you have 6 heads when you request cream cheese from the back. Additionally, although "special labeling" is used on all products, it is more often then not inaccurate. "Gluten" is never used on the signs, it is always "wheat" and as anyone with Celiac Disease knows, there is a difference between the two. Once I asked the staff to show me how they made the meal, and she handed me a frozen bag of food and on the label was a gluten derived ingredient. Because of my inability to eat in the dining halls, I have lost most of my friends considering freshman friendships are often built over meals. Ithaca likes to put itself on a pedestal of representations that are often false.

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