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Velleggia's Italian Seafood Restaurant
Avg. Customer Review (3.8 Palms): 4.0 Palms
Number of Reviews: 2

Review Type: Restaurant
110 Water Street, Baltimore, MD 21202
Dedicated GF: No
Phone: 410-685-2620
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2 reviews available

Not the best choice for gluten-free dining,

Reviewer: from South Riding, VA, USA - See all reviews by Gftraveler

2.5 Palms
2.5 Palms
We dined at this traditional Italian restaurant and had high expectations. But almost from the moment we sat down, we were disappointed. I absolutely hate to give restaurants negative reviews, especially when they TRY to accommodate gluten-free diners, but this experience was very frustrating to say the least. Our server was completely unhelpful, didn't seem to have a clue as to what "gluten-free" meant, and seemed annoyed at our requests to "check with the chef." Typically a chef will come out to talk directly with guests, and perhaps we should have insisted on this, instead of patiently waiting as the server went back and forth getting our questions answered. We eventually talked with the owner, but even that conversation left us a bit frustrated. The only thing "gluten-free" they have on their menu is gluten-free pasta, served with marinara sauce. And it was very overpriced. This was especially frustrating, since, after reading a recommendation of this restaurant, I'd called to talk with them before making a reservation. They assured me they had plenty of options and were very knowledgeable about gluten-free food prep. Well, then they should train their staff. Better yet, they should hire servers who want to HELP paying guests and give them a memorable experience, rather than acting uninterested and bothered. Perhaps this was not the profession this particular server should have chosen. Or maybe he was new. Regardless, we asked him (and then the owner) if we could perhaps add some shrimp or something to the pasta to make it a bit more exciting. It seemed like a tall request. Our son eventually ordered shrimp as an appetizer, prepared plainly (but it was good). His gluten-free pasta portion was small, but the pasta was very tasty and prepared perfectly. The owner did make a point of saying they prepared it in a fresh pot of water with a clean colander, etc., which was reassuring. Our son wanted his marinara sauce on the side ("on the side" is big with him...he's only 7!). For a while there was some question as to whether THAT was even gluten-free, even though it was listed as such on the menu, being the only thing offered with the gluten- free pasta. (The waiter had at first come back to tell us the chef wasn't sure what was in the "secret" took talking to the owner to confirm it was "safe"). So you can understand that I was nervous the whole meal and wished in hindsight we'd chosen another restaurant. Our son didn't get sick, but you never know if the meal was truly "safe." I'd be shocked if there wasn't some cross contamination along the way. And at about $15 for a bowl of gluten-free pasta with marinara sauce, I'd just as soon stay home and make it myself for about $2! They clearly could offer more options to gluten-free would be simple to add shrimp, chicken, and probably some other sauces as options to the pasta, if they made an effort. The rest of our meals were good, however, but nothing to write home about. Again, I hate to be negative...but my portion of linguine with clam sauce was tiny (about half the size you'd typically get), and we were less than impressed with the wine selection. Oh and learn.

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Velleggia's in Baltimore,

Reviewer: from DC/MD/VA, - See all reviews by DC_Celiacs

5.0 Palms
5.0 Palms
Monday night I ate at Velleggias in Baltimore. The food was delicious (shrimp and scallops with scampi sauce over gluten-free penne.) The staff was very friendly and welcoming, including the owner, who wanted to know how someone who needed a gluten-free meal would find the restaurant. I told him the first step would be to check with local support groups! So, for anyone traveling to Baltimore, here's a recommendation for Velleggias, which I found by searching Baltimore sources on gluten-free dining. POSTED BY DC CELIACS SUPPORT GROUP

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