Gluten Free Menus: Burtons Grill and Red Heat Tavern

Burtons Grill gluten-free menu, coupons and locations

About Burtons Grill's Gluten Free Menu and Red Heat Tavern

Burtons Grill, with 15 locations in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida offers contemporary American cuisine and ambience, complete with seasonally-inspired food made with quality ingredients. Burtons' extensive gluten free menu covers all the bases - from crisp salads, hearty sandwiches and juicy burgers served on gluten-free buns, to seafood, fresh gluten-free pasta, and aged beef served with seasoned butters and sauces. The chef makes sure to showcase local seafood and other ingredients whenever possible, always striving for superior quality. Booths, intimate alcoves, and wonderful outdoor seating provide a gracious ambience whether you're stopping by for a light pasta before the movies, celebrating a special anniversary with seafood and chardonnay, or meeting friends for a drink.

As Kevin Harron, president and cofounder of Burtons and 2007 Massachusetts Restaurant Association's Man of the Year, says, "Our strategy is simple. We commit to serving only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, to employ passionate, driven people and train them to deliver consistent, considerate service. We keep our prices affordable, our atmosphere comfortable, and we work diligently to make sure we're upholding our values." And with their Food Allergy Commitment, you can see that the health and safety of their gluten-free guests is a main priority. You can learn even more about the gluten-free menu at Burton's Grill from a conversation GlutenFreeTravelSite had with Denise Baron, Vice President of Food and Beverage.

In early 2014, the ownership team at Burtons Grill launched Red Heat Tavern, a second restaurant concept to serve the casual dining segment, using the same principles that made Burtons Grill successful. Red Heat Tavern has four locations in Massachusetts and one in Connecticut, one in Wilmington and one in Bedford. Inspired by good times experienced at backyard barbeques, the team developed Red Heat Tavern's menu around the unique hardwood charcoal-powered josper oven, which can reach 800-1,000 degrees. The food is seared and infused with smoke flavors reminiscent of good times with friends and family.

Red Heat Tavern is committed to serving their gluten free and allergy sensitive guests in a safe environment. They make everything from scratch, and can therefore accommodate allergy restrictions and sensitivities. They even have special plates they use for guests with allergies or gluten sensitivity/Celiac disease. Staff is properly trained and educated about ingredients and cooking methods so that guests have a safe experience. Any item on the menu can be prepared gluten free, if requested. Red Heat Tavern follows the same training as Burtons Grill, with everyone in the restaurant undergoing intense allergy awareness training as soon as they are hired. You can view Red Heat Tavern's menu here....again, anything can be made gluten free upon request. To keep up with news about the restaurant, follow Red Heat Tavern on Facebook.