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Dine Gluten Free iPhone App and Android Phone App

Now you can access GlutenFreeTravelSite's thousands of user-submitted Gluten Free Dining & Travel Reviews when "on the go."

The DINE GLUTEN FREE iPhone app and Android app, free companions to GlutenFreeTravelSite, enable you to to find — and read detailed peer reviews of — thousands of "gluten free friendly" businesses in the U.S and around the world. The Gluten Free Dining and Travel REVIEWS — searchable by location — include restaurants, bakeries, markets, resorts, hotels, B&Bs, cruises...and even colleges.

A search by town or zip code on the app's Search page will reveal a list of businesses reviewed by other people following gluten free diets, along with links to the reviews and a map. A special reminder service within the DINE GLUTEN FREE app also allows you to save "must try" establishments in areas you'll be visiting — and then receive an alert on your mobile phone when they're in close proximity.

Other features of the DINE GLUTEN FREE app include:
  • A list of many restaurant chains that offer Gluten Free Menus, with dedicated pages for each restaurant that contain links to its Gluten Free Menu, locations, Facebook page, and coupons if offered
  • A Submit Review feature which gives you the ability to submit feedback about a restaurant from your smart phone during or immediately after your meal
  • A national Calendar listing upcoming gluten free events, trips, and expos — and which you may add to
  • A Forum to share news and ask questions of other gluten free users of the app
  • Push notifications alerting you when coupons are added to the Coupons section of the app
  • Links to articles from the Gluten Free Travel Blog and GlutenFreeTravelSite's Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages

Whether you're looking for a new restaurant to try in your area, a safe place to eat on a family vacation, or a venue for dining when traveling on business, you'll have convenient access to detailed accounts of other people's gluten free dining experiences. The reliable peer reviews found within the DINE GLUTEN FREE app help steer you toward the most accommodating places to stay, dine, and shop so you'll never again feel limited or deprived when eating out. So go ahead and download the DINE GLUTEN FREE app for iOS or Android now.

Download DINE GLUTEN FREE for Android Download DINE GLUTEN FREE for iOS

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Gluten Free Restaurant Cards

Over 40 dining card images from in many languages that can be shown to a waiter/chef to explain the restrictions for those on a gluten-free diet. Download here

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From The Celiac Sprue Association, this App for the iPhone and iPad features over 20,000 reviewed gluten free grocery products from over 700 companies and allows you to search by product, category or brand. $9.99. Download here

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Is that Gluten Free?

Search by category or brand to determine whether grocery products are gluten free. $7.99. Download here

About GlutenFreeTravelSite

Karen Broussard, Founder and President of GlutenFreeTravelSite

Karen Broussard is the Founder and President of GlutenFreeTravelSite. Karen launched GlutenFreeTravelSite in 2008 after her son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at a very young age. She and her family found that dining out and traveling could be a real challenge for people following gluten free diets, and she wanted to provide a place where the gluten free community could go to share their experiences first-hand with others.

In addition to heading up GlutenFreeTravelSite, the DINE GLUTEN FREE Mobile App, and the Gluten Free Travel Blog Karen is an Associate Editor of Simply Gluten Free Magazine and volunteers each summer at Camp Celiac in Rhode Island. A graduate of Georgetown University with a degree and career in Marketing, Karen resides with her husband and two sons in the Washington, DC area.

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